Frequently Asked Questions About the EES Admissions Process

What are the application deadlines?
Please see Your entire application must be complete by the deadlines shown, including GRE scores, TOEFL scores, reference letters, statement of purpose, and transcripts.  Any delays in receipt of these components will delay review of your application, which can hurt your chances of receiving financial aid. 

What financial aid is available in the semester for which I am applying?
We have a range of university fellowships, primarily available to applicants for the fall semester.  We typically have research assistant and teaching assistant positions available in any given semester, which involve a 10-20 hours per week commitment to a specific research project or assisting with a course.  The actual opportunities in any given semester vary widely, both in terms of numbers and topics, and we cannot usually give specifics about future opportunities before the applications are due.  Tuition waivers are typically provided with fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships.

How do I apply for financial aid?
No separate application is needed.  Just submit the standard graduate application in time for the deadline for consideration for financial aid (see for details).  For the best consideration, we recommend that you submit your entire application at least one month prior to the posted deadline when possible.  Be sure to follow up with your reference letter writers before the deadline, as we cannot begin reviewing your application until your letters are in. 

Once the admissions committee has reviewed your application, individual faculty members may contact you directly about any aid opportunities.  To assist them in evaluating your application, be sure to indicate your research interests in your statement of purpose.  If you are interested in doing research with a particular faculty member, it is helpful to include such interests in your statement of purpose and contact them by e-mail to let them know of your interest.  A list of the faculty and their interests can be found at  Please send e-mails only to those faculty members whose research most interests you.  Be aware that most faculty members receive numerous e-mails from prospective students and are not always able to respond to all queries.

I have a BS degree and I want to get a PhD.  Can I apply directly to the PhD program?
Candidates with a BS degree should apply to the MS program first, but should indicate that you are interested in the PhD.  When you complete your MS, you will then be considered for admission to the PhD program.  Only under certain circumstances (e.g., students with a 5-year Diplom), can admission be made directly to the PhD.

Will you accept the computer-based GRE exam?
Yes, we will.

How do I know if I am qualified for admission and financial aid?
We consider many factors in evaluating candidates for admission and financial aid, including academic record, research and employment experience, research interests, standardized test scores, and reference letters.  For this reason, we cannot evaluate your chances of receiving admission and financial aid until we receive your application.  Please do not contact faculty asking for an evaluation prior to submission of your application.

I sent in my application, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.  When are admission and financial aid decisions made?
The admissions committee reviews applications as they are received.  For graduate studies that start in the fall semester, most admission and financial aid decisions are made in February and March.  For the spring semester, admission and aid decisions are usually made in late September and early October.  The last admission and aid decisions are usually made around May 15th for the fall semester and October 15th for the spring semester.  If you have not heard from us yet and you need to reply to an offer from another university, please contact us at for an assessment of your status.

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