Financial Aid

Research assistantships,  teaching assistantships, and fellowships, normally awarded before April for the fall semester, pay a stipend and provide exemption from tuition and most fees. Fellowships may be supplemented with a research assistantship. Assistants may take 14 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters and 7 credit hours in summer, and normally take 16 to 21 months to complete the requirements for the master's degree. Students without support or with fellowship support may be able to complete a master's program in as little as one year, depending on their background. 

Research Assistantships

A half-time teaching or research assistantship during the academic year (9 months) requires that the student spend approximately 20 hours per week on teaching or research activities in addition to formal coursework. Frequently, assistants may receive half-time appointments for two summer months at the same rate of pay; such appointments depend on availability of funds. Assistantships are awarded based on academic preparation, grade point average, letters of recommendation, and appropriateness of background and experience to the required tasks.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistantships offer students opportunities in various aspects of teaching a course under the guidance of the instructor: grading, explaining material, formulating exam and homework problems.  International students are required to pass a test (SPEAK Test) that demonstrates proficiency in spoken English before assuming a teaching assistantship. Research assistantships offer students the opportunity to participate in many research related activities under the guidance of an experienced research investigator, e.g., laboratory setup and operation, experimental design, data collection, and mathematical modeling.


Fellowships are awarded solely for the support of the student’s education. Course work and research activities are largely self-directed, in consultation with an advisor. Competition for University Fellowships is extremely keen, requiring a grade-point average for the last two years of undergraduate work above 3.75 (A= 4.00). Some fellowships are granted at the University level; others, by the Environmental Engineering and Science program. The latter are supported by gifts from individuals and industry and vary in number and magnitude from year to year.

If you still have questions...

Please see the "frequently asked questions" or contact the graduate admissions coordinator at Click here if you wish to receive an application for entry to the graduate program, and to see the deadlines for receipt of your application . An application for financial aid is part of the entry application.

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