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Admission to the MS Program in Environmental Engineering and Science  

Admission to the Graduate College as a Master of Science candidate with full status in the Environmental Engineering and Science program of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering may be granted to graduates of institutions whose requirements for the bachelor's degree are nearly equivalent to those of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, if applicants have the appropriate background for advanced study in their chosen major fields and a scholastic average of at least 3.0 (4.0 = A). This average is computed on the basis of the last 60 semester hours, or 110 quarter hours, of credit recorded. Exceptions to the minimum grade-point requirement may be made if it can be demonstrated that the grade-point average does not represent the applicant's ability. Under these circumstances, admission generally will be on a limited status basis. Applicants from schools with different grading systems will be admitted if documents are submitted that show the student's ability.

All students must have a strong quantitative orientation and should have demonstrated competence in fluid mechanics, mathematics through calculus, and the material covered by the courses listed below.



General Chemistry I (CHEM 1023 hrs.
General Chemistry II (CHEM 104)3 hrs.


General Physics: Mechanics, Heat, and Sound (PHYS 101)5 hrs.
General Physics: Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern Physics (PHYS 102)5 hrs.


Calculus I (MATH 220)5 hrs.
Calculus II (MATH 230)3 hrs.
Calculus of Several Variables (MATH 242)3 hrs.
Introductory Matrix Theory* (MATH 225)2 hrs.
Intro Differential Equations* (MATH 385)3 hrs.

Computer Science

Introduction to Computing, Eng & Sci (CS 101)3 hrs.


Introductory Fluid Mechanics (TAM 335)4 hrs.
Environmental Engineering (CEE 330)3 hrs.
Systems Engineering and Economics* (CEE 201)3 hrs.
Water Quality Engineering (CEE 437)3 hrs.
Air Quality Engineering (CEE 446)3 hrs.

* Background in these courses may not be required for some areas of specialization.

Students who lack sufficient knowledge and background in any of these areas may be admitted but will be required to take appropriate course work before registering for advanced graduate courses. The graduate admissions committee is responsible for evaluating candidates for admission and recommending courses supporting the needs of the students and their selected programs.

If you still have questions, please see the "frequently asked questions" or contact the graduate admissions coordinator at

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