Admissions - PhD Degree


The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science is the most advanced degree offered by the Environmental Engineering and Science Program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. To be admitted to the PhD program, nearly all students have to have earned a M.S. degree in environmental engineering or a related engineering or science field. Students who are nearing completion of the M.S. degree in our program at UIUC and who have determined, in consultation with their adviser, that their PhD program would be successful, may begin work on that degree prior to completion of the M.S. In exceptional cases, and with appropriate justification, students may be admitted to the PhD program without having earned or being in the process of earning, the M.S. degree.
All PhD students are initially admitted on a provisional basis, pending successful completion of the PhD qualifying examination. This examination is administered approximately biannually, and consists of oral and written portions. The written portion is subdivided into three sub-portions, administered on three different days, and consisting of a core part covering the material of the core courses, a general part covering general knowledge of environmental engineering and science, and a specialty part crafted specifically for the student by his or her advisor and oral exam committee. The committee is selected by the student in consultation with his or her advisor and must include that advisor and two or three other members of the environmental engineering faculty listed elsewhere in this website. Following successful completion of the qualifying examination, the student is officially admitted to PhD candidacy. 
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